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Welcome to Clarity

Here at Clarity Mobile Venture (CMV) we dedicate ourselves to make your travel experience at LAX hassle free. With our on-site COVID-19 testing facility, we provide fast and accurate COVID-19 Results to passengers, airline staff and airport staff in as little as one hour, using our Rapid Antigen testing. In order to fit all travel situations, we also provide, 90 minute, 3-5 hour and 24 hour PCR testing options.

About CMV

Clarity Mobile Venture is a high complexity clinical laboratory located right in the Central Terminal Area of LAX Airport. Our goal is to provide rapid and accurate COVID-19 test results to all passengers and airline staff at LAX airport to support safer air travel, build passenger confidence, maintain a safe working environment for airline staff, and support State and National testing mandates.

The Clarity Difference

  • Better Customer Service
  • Efficient Testing Facility
  • Experienced Staff
  • Testing options to fit any travel situation
  • Convenient options like the 1 hour PCR test
  • Download your results the moment they're in
How Does It Work?

The LAX COVID-19 Testing Process

We’ve streamlined our COVID-19 testing process to provide you with less hassle at the airport.

Schedule an Appointment

Schedule an appointment online at the patient portal.

Get Tested

Arrive at our testing facility in LAX airport at your appointment time. Make sure to get here early for the best experience!

Testing Process

Our team performs the accurate RT-PCR (aka. NAAT) test at our onsite laboratory, at Terminal 6.

Wait for your Results

View your results, the moment they're available in the patient portal. We offer testing options with results in as little as 1 hour.

Travel Worry Free

Avoid quarantine restrictions with your test results in hand.


A Superior Lab with Proven Results

Clarity Mobile Venture was established by Clarity Lab Solutions in partnership with SG Blocks to bring superior COVID-19 testing to the LAX airport.

Deployable Mobile Laboratories combined with Experienced Staff
Turnaround Time

Test Results within 24 hours from collection with our Standard PCR test

Daily Output

On Average Clarity Lab Solutions processes 695 tests every day.

With SG Block’s deployable modular laboratories and Clarity Lab Solutions’ experience in molecular diagnostics, Clarity Mobile Venture provides quickly deployable testing facilities that allow normal business and leisure travel to go uninterrupted.


Tests Offered at Clarity


Antigen Test

  • Turnaround Time: 30 Min - 1 Hour
  • Results available: 1 Hour*
  • Collection Point: Terminal 6 Lab


Standard PCR Test

  • Turnaround Time: 24 Hours
  • Results available: 24 Hours*
  • Collection Point: Terminal 6 Lab



  • Turnaround Time: 3 - 5 Hours
  • Results available: 3 - 5 Hours*
  • Collection Point: Terminal 6 Lab



  • Turnaround Time: 90 Minutes
  • Results available: 90 Minutes*
  • Collection Point: Terminal 6 Lab

Please be aware that you MUST make a reservation online before reporting to your collection site. All tests are by appointment only.

-All samples are collected by means of Nasopharyngeal swab.
-All PCR tests are full RT-PCR tests, aka. NAAT.
-All PCR tests provided are accepted for Hawaii Travel.
-Antigen tests are not accepted for Hawaii Travel.
-Samples that produce an inconclusive result are automatically re-tested and are exempt from the stated result time.*

Is Our Test Right for You?

Check out our result format offerings and determine if our test is right for your airline or destination.
  • Patient Name*
  • Patient Date of Birth*
  • Patient Gender
  • Patient Mailing Address
  • Patient Phone
  • Patient Passport Number
  • Sample Id Number
  • Sample Collection Date and Timestamp
  • Sample Completed Date and Timestamp
  • Technician's Initials
  • Specimen Type (Type of Swab used)
  • Physician's Name (Not a Signature or Stamp)
  • Laboratory's Address*
  • Laboratory's Phone Number*
  • Laboratory's Fax Number
  • Laboratory's CLIA Number*
  • NPI Number
  • Test Performed (includes Platform and Assay)*
  • Result*
  • Reference Range
  • QR Code

Anything marked with an * is one of the fields that is available both on our Hawaii Format and our Normal Format

To get a sample copy of our standard result format to send to your destination for approval Click Here!

  • Physician Signature or Stamp
  • Methodology of the Test
  • Any other documentation that needs to be filled out separately

To get a sample copy of our standard results format to send to your destination for approval Click Here!

Service Announcements from CMV

Come See Us Today!

Our main laboratory is located outside, across from Terminal 6 on the Lower/Arrivals Level next to Parking Structure 6 (PS-6).