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Welcome to Clarity Mobile Venture

Providing you peace of mind when you fly.

Clarity Lab Solutions in partnership with SG Blocks is proud to present Clarity Mobile Venture. Clarity Mobile Venture is a high complexity clinical laboratory located right in the Central Terminal Area of LAX Airport. Our goal is to provide rapid and accurate COVID-19 test results to all passengers and airline staff at LAX airport to support safer air travel, build passenger confidence, maintain a safe working environment for airline staff, and support State and National testing mandates.

Our experienced team works together to ensure that each passenger, flight attendant, pilot, and airport worker receives accurate results quickly and efficiently. We offer testing options to fit all travelling situations. You can have your results in as little as 1 hour with our Rapid Antigen test, and 90 minutes with our Quick PCR test. This way, you can focus on your trip!

How it Works


Schedule an appointment in our patient portal. You can schedule an appointment up to 5 weeks in advance.

Get Tested

Arrive at your appointed testing facility, and we will collect your sample (Nasopharyngeal Swab) and deliver it to the lab where your sample is tested.

Wait for your Results

Sit tight! Your test is being processed. Your results will be accessible on the patient portal as soon as they're in!

Travel Worry Free

Avoid quarantine restrictions with your test results in hand.

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We are located in:

Terminal 6 Lab Lower/Arrivals Level outside next to Parking Structure 6 (PS-6)